Even more stitching!

On a renewed quest to dressmake because when I go shopping I come away depressed because I can’t afford anything intricate and the affordable stuff I could easily make myself, if only I could find the fabric. This is the trouble – where do Topshop et al get all those awesome prints? On a mission to find something in a nice colour that doesn’t look retro in a bad way, I found a couple of fabulous shops on Monday – Fabrics Galore on Lavender Hill and Shaukat on Old Brompton Road. I bought enough fabric to last me two summers over in dresses. Oops. I have two patterns that I want to play with – Vogue 8421 and 8645. The yellow spotted top that I mentioned used the bodice from 8421, widening the neckline to suit me, so I used that redrawn pattern and got cracking yesterday.

I made up 8421 yesterday using fabric that was formerly two scarves from Primark (shh!) and polycotton for a lining. It was a bit of a practice because I want to make it up again as a maxi dress for a wedding. It was quick to sew (that’s Very Easy Vogue for you, #winning) but the fabric is so thin. Bit worried it won’t last long.



Off to Osterley Park now to meet my mama as it’s a beautiful day but going to give the other pattern a go for the first time when I get back.

Ah – almost forgot! I made this Oyster card holder on Sunday because my millionth plastic TfL one fell apart. I’d like to start selling these on Etsy if I can avoid flitting to project after project. Terrible iPhone photo quality, but this is upcycled coffee sack hessian on the outside and cotton and plastic recovered from my stash at home on the inside. Edged in cotton bias binding. Not sure about the zig zagging. I had to hand baste it on anyway, so maybe I should just hand sew it using a strong thread and a blanket stitch next time…




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