I have become totally obsessed by sewing blogs this week while stuck in here (blogsession… geddit…?). And now so many more projects in the pipeline! One of my favourite discoveries has been Tilly and the Buttons. Such a beautiful blog! Such brilliant posts. The Mathilde Blouse. The Picnic Skirt. I’m in love.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of love for Brixton and Walthamstow for fabric, so once I’m well I’m hitting those up along with my old fave Goldhawk Rd. Oh, and the Birmingham Rag Market. Guess whose sister is conveniently moving to Birmingham in April?!

Dad’s scarf is coming along nicely but hooked up to this drip for 72 hours straight from an hour ago so hope I can still do it! After that, going to get Regina by Carina Spencer on the needles, in Marine Blue Drops Extra Fine Merino. Its super easy and stylish. Want it for my new yellow coat. That I haven’t been able to wear yet. Gah! At least it’s spring weight – it’s probably too cold out anyway.
Plus my lovely friend Emma ordered some headbands from me, so just need to get at that yarn.
After that… hopefully I’ll be out…! I have some secret presents for people who shall not be named.
And I’ve got oven gloves and an apron planned for M’s mum as a housewarming gift. Want to try out that pintuck foot on these!
Plus the sewing I mentioned last time, and then this gorgeous cap–sleeve lattice top I found on The Purl Bee. It actually looks achievable for me (having never knitted an actual garment before) because it’s all one piece. I plan to make this in Drops Muskat. I love Drops. So affordable.

Phew!!! Excited! And possibly a good job I’m laid up?!

What on earth is going on with my blog though – posts aren’t going to the front page anymore. And it means Bloglovin’ won’t work and I can’t comment using Open ID. Something to do with the RSS. It’s driving me nuts and I can’t fix it from my phone. Argh!

Update. M, the technical genius has fixed it! Over to Tilly’s to tell her I love her…


4 responses to “Blogsession

  1. I’ll be hitting up all those London fabric places on my April London trip, I can hardly wait! You guys are spoilt fit choice!
    I’m loving that delightful little hat, think I might pop that in the Ravelry library – thank you.

    • It’s so cute! And so easy – was one of the first hats I made (as a present) and was really pleased with it. Been hankering after my own since. Loving your blog – those cushions are awesome! You’re someone else I’ve been stalking this week (in a nice way, not a creepy way?!?). Enjoy your trip to London – Goldhawk Road still blows my mind every time.

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