Mathilde blouse

A couple of weeks ago I finished my very own Mathilde. I am the world’s slowest sewist. I have no idea whether this is because I am just slow, or because I prefer to watch tv while I work… Trashy Netflix of choices for this make? Dawson’s Creek. I didn’t watch it the first time round – the only teenager in the late 90s to miss out on Capeside.

Back to the Mathilde. It’s taken me HOURS! But I do love it. I used turquoise silk-cotton (£4/m from Goldhawk Rd) underlined with cotton voile. The buttons are orange and cream – my mum’s genius choice.



It was quite easy to make up – if a bit fiddly. That might been because of the slippy fabric and the fact that I was learning some new techniques. I kept catching the sleeve fabric in the seam and having to unpick, my tucks are a bit wonky – and my darts are different heights?! That’s never happened before. Bizarre – and I didn’t notice until the French side seams were done. Urgh. I just decided to live with it but I should have remembered Karen’s advice to use a “disguising print” the first time!

I’m pleased with the overall fit and feel. I do worry it’s a bit boxy on me. And what colour do I wear it with?! So far I’ve only matched it with skinny black trousers.


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