Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m 28, I live in London and am an English teacher. I’ve been dressmaking on and off since I was about 15 and knitting for two years. I find it really relaxing to knit and stimulating to sew. I am extremely slow at it though – possibly because I like a bit of tv watching alongside my creations?! I can’t crochet. I just don’t get it. Where does the hook go?

My mum’s a creative inspiration and taught me the skills I have – which I’ve supplemented with the Internet! She and my sisters are also excellent at knowing what looks good together – something I think I missed out on…! All advice is welcomed. My dad’s a whizz at DIY so learning how to make something out of wood, rather than fabric or yarn is an ambition for this year. I’m a wannabe gardener, so maybe a planter…? Apparently my arm muscles aren’t up to scratch for the sawing though! Challenges.

I live with my boyfriend, who shall be known as M, unless he decides to read this and say otherwise. He puts up with a lot of pins in the carpet and a lot of mess in the kitchen. The deal is that that the living room stays tidy. I try…

I started this blog with my middle sis but that never quite took off. So I’ve stolen this catchy blog name she made up and will write about what I’m making. Hoping it will keep me focused and I’ll get lots accomplished in 2013.

I also blog about living with my ulcerative colitis but I wouldn’t recommend going over there at the moment. It’s all a bit visceral and hospital related. When I’m better it’ll be about food and drink – much more pleasant!


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